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We are Commercial

Many companies claim to be commercial security contractors, but few can actually perform. ASAP Security Services started its business in the commercial security industry. We maintain install, service and maintain many fortune 500 companies, retail corporations, industrial plants, property management groups, School Districts, and even government agencies. Our experience in this arena leaves us second to none. Wether you are adding on to your business or opening 50 new locations this year in 15 different states ASAP Security has you covered. All ASAP technicians are factory trained and certified on the products we sell and service. Our average service truck maintains an inventory in excess of $50,000. We go to these great lengths often overlooked by our competitors to achieve first call resolutions. Time is money and we don't waste either of yours.

Our Work Process

The ASAP Security team can sit down with you to evaluate all your security needs and give you the latest tools and technology to make your life easier.

Our custom reports and alerts keep you up to date on the operation of all your systems. We monitor and maintain the equipment so that you don't have to.

Don't be caught again needing video from a camera that isn't working. The ASAP Managed Services ensures the uptime of your equipment.

Our Skills




Our Services

ASAP provides and array of services to help you protect the safey of your home or business.


ASAP Security Services's trained professionals can install an advanced burglary detection system to protect your family and home.


ASAP Security Services can notify upon detection of the odorless gas known as "the silent killer" is critical. Carbon monoxide can cause death within only a few minutes.


In the event of a fire, seconds count. A monitored smoke and heat detection system keep your family and possessions safe.


If you or a loved one experience an emergency, time is of the essence. With just a push of a button we are there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Get instant alerts of an alarm event sent directly to you. ASAP Security Services offers remote access to your security and video surveillance systems right from your mobile phone.


Avoid costly repairs with a Service Agreement from ASAP Security Services. Our comprehensive plans cover your equipment for a low monthly charge.


Protect your temperature sensitive valuable or possessions from extreme temperature fluctuations. Perfect for wine cellars, deep freezers, or vacation homes.


Security is not only knowing what is going on around your home, but actually seeing it. We offer a wide range of products to customer tailor a surveillance system to your desires.


Damage caused by water leaks are the most expensive of all insurance claims. Have peace of mind that your home is is protected when you are away.


Cellular wireless monitoring allows us to monitor your existing home alarm system without a phone line. Drop the land line and start saving money today. No phone lines? No Problem!


Your family is our top priority, too. Our state-of-the-art security systems give you the peace of mind you need.

We always keep in mind that it's your home, and not just an address. That's why we will always enter your home with respect and regard for what it means to you. Don't trust your home to an "authorized dealer" for another company. Similar to mortgage companies these "authorized dealers" sale your contract the second you sign it. We don't sell contracts. You are our customer and our number one priority.

ASAP is the perfect solution for all your security needs

Why Choose Us?

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We know what it takes to keep your family and business secure and will keep your informed on every step of your security needs.


We understand security and will help you select a solution that is right for you.

Quality Service & Support

Our support department is second to none, we are always polite and knoledgable.

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ASAP Security Services
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